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Saturday, 4 July 2020

Oculus Quest : Quill and Unity Pipeline

This seems to be the most informative tutorial that illustrated how to work with modelling and animation between unity and quill. 

Oculus Quest : Quill and Unity Production.

I connected Quest to my PC and downloaded Quill to test that I am able to design in the app and I am happy to say that it works pretty well. At least it worked once disabling my local firewall (I re-enabled it afterwards!)

I checked out various short animated films and illustrations in the Oculus Theatre and this prompted me to think about how I might use quill in Lunarium .. and later my next project Fizhogg which will lend itself to this illustrated style. 

Thinking about how to work between quill and unity I understand that I can export work from quill as an .fbx File while also importing .fbx models into quill. I’m not sure how to use it yet but it could be a really interesting process to experiment with. 

Oculus Quest Games : Quill

Acquiring an Oculus Quest and link to PCVR rift games Not only means that I can learn more about HD VR for PC but also that I can experiment with illustrated VR Animation using Quill.

To begin with I went through the Quest tutorial app which demonstrated the headsets capabilities. This was really useful in that, while playing, I could think about which new interactions I could develop in Lunarium. 

To begin with I could develop one of the rooms within the Labyrinth as an escape room experience. This would allow for more hand interaction. 

Hello... Oculus Quest :)

New Oculus Quest (with Link for rift) 

I received an Oculus Quest and have updated to Unity 2019.4 LTS which means that I can now develop for oculus Quest. This brings with it new modes of interaction, including many hand control options. This also means that I can develop my experiences for mobile and pcvr (for rift) which is where I was trying to get to but was limited by access to tech and software.

Not any more.. 

As I am registered as an oculus developer I now understand that I can continue to develop Lunarium for rift until Christmas when I should be able to launch on Oculus Quest for testing. 

This is the plan...

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Unity 2019.4 LTS : packages (including links)

Saturday, 13 June 2020

VR Narrative: Cinematic VR Films

Cinematic VR Films 

Invasion (Baobab)

Asteroids (Baobab)

Baba Yaga (Baobab)
Coming Soon...

Rainbow Crow (Baobab)

Bonfire (Baobab)

Jack (Baobab)

Coco Film 

Coco VR Experience (oculus)

The Line

The Key 

Gloomy eyes

Dear Angelica


Cycles (Disney)

Myth : A frozen tale 

A kites tale (Disney)

Melita (AI)


Wolves in the wall (Fable Studio)

Drop in the Ocean

Age of Sail

Bounty Maid

Jack of All Trades

The Dream Collector


Nothing Happens

The Last Goodbye

Zero days


Read - Around ...

Baobab Studios

Oculus  : Exploring the VR landscape

Oculus : Quill (rift)

CartoonBrew: Quill

Cartoon Brew: VR

Cartoon Brew: Annecy VR


Mechanical Souls (Thriller VR & Immersive Theatre)

Caminades VR Demo: Caminades VR Demo animation
Other Worldly Theme Ride: Other Worldly Theme Ride VR animation

And finally...

Sing along now... :)

Monday, 8 June 2020

VR Narrative: Annecy 2020 VR Category

Running from 15th to 30th June, Annecy Animation festival will be coming to you. For only 15 Euros (£12.50) for the festival, it will be possible to catch the entire programme online.

  • Sign Up 
  • Drink Beer
  • Make a paper aeroplane

I am particularly interested in the new VR Category. This was originally supported by Google Spotlight Stories but after their withdrawal, Unity stepped in.

The following list details the nominated VR Animations for 2020.

Annecy VR Works Competition 2020

Ajax All Powerful by Ethan Shaftel. USA,China

Battlescar - Punk was invented by Girls by Martin Allais and Nicolas Casavecchia. USA, France

Great Hoax: The Moon landing by John Hsu and Marco Lococo. Taiwan, Argentina

Minimum Mass by Raqi Syed and Areito Echevarria. France, New Zealand

Odyssey 1.4.9 by Francois Vautier. France

Saturnism by Mihai Grecu Barberousse Films. France, Romania

The Orchid and the Bee by Frances McKenzie. Canada