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Unity For Humanity

Copyright Unity Technologies 2020 (Used for Academic Purposes Only)  Unity for Humanity : Call for Submissions Amy Zimmerman : Program Manager of Unity for Humanity at Unity Technologies 

Call for Submission : 21/10/2020 - 20/11/2020
Submission point: 
Principles Empathy, Respect & Opportunity Impact  

Offer  FundingMarketingTechnical Support
Criteria  Must be at prototype stage and in production Impact : Healthcare . Education . Environment . Sustainability . Inclusive Economic Opportunity  Have clear goals for meaningful change      UN Sustainable development Goals  No PovertyZero Hunger Good Health & Wellbeing Quality EducationGender Equality Clean Water & Santitation Affordable & Clean energy Decent Work & Economic Growth Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure Reduced Inequalities Sustainable Cities & Communities Responsible Consumption & Production Climate Action Life Below Water Life on land Peace, Justice and …
Recent posts

Living Thesis VR : Sketchfab Model Test

Living Thesis 
Dye and OHP disks with sewn helix on Paper
In Unity, I have tried to create a model that looks similar to the dye and OHP sewn image as this was the way in which I saw the living thesis represented as an interactive web based 3D model.

Living Thesis  Unity Model

Living ThesisModel Close UP

I can use the same model in the web and VR versions of the project. The VR version, I see as suspended in dark space.

I decided to start by producing a simple model for the purpose of embedding a looped animated film or gif on the experimental website. This site embeds practice experimentation while also being a site of experimental practice in and of itself.   
Animated Gif
Animated png
The model has also been exported as an .fbx file which is destined in the first instance for sketchfab. It is possible to embed a sketchfab model in a wordpress website via code. 

Living Thesis VR : Early Experiments 01

Prototype Modelling for Immersive VR Portfolio and Interactive Web Model 

VR App Interactive Model (For Web) 

Particle System  Next Step: 
🔲 Build Full Spiral with particle systems 
🔲 Add Circular Screens for still images 
🔲 Add Circular Screens for moving images 
🔲 Add Experimental Kinetic Models 
🔲 Add Object animations 
🔲 Export as fbx 
🔲 Import to Sketchfab
🔲 Embed code in Wordpress website
🔲 Test 

Then build AR model and export 
Add sound effects and music 
Then build VR model and export to quest. 

Living Thesis VR : Unity Dev Environment & Project Management Set-Up

Helix VR Immersive Research 2007 - 2020 Sarra Hornby 
Unity 2019.4 LTS Oculus Quest (mobile) & Rift (PC) VR

Living Thesis VR : Immersive Experiments 2007 - 2020

I decided that POD development would work better as an indie project and could be tabbed on my indie blog.  I intend to talk about and show the development of on a single experimental project called HelixVR which embeds immersive experiments conducted in practice from 2007 to the present in a form it is most suited for (but previously had no experience producing). HelixVR represents a living thesis of my experimental XR Immersive practice which will be produced as is an immersive App intended for WebXR and PC/Mobile VR (Quest/Rift) publications. 

I am looking forward to experimenting with how I can represent my immersive experiments embedded in an immersive media, finding the boundaries of the engine, exploring human interaction and informed by 'nature' design and mechanics.  

Immersive Research & Practice - Medical, Clinical and Mental Health Applications

This blog will now follow academic/industry research and detail practical experiments that explore the design, development and production of immersive XR (/AR/VR/MR) projects.
I am interested in how screen-based, site-specific installation, geolocated or device assisted experiences can be designed and developed to support the Medical, Clinical and Mental Health fields.

VR App Prototype

To begin this new route, I will re-examine POD, an immersive clinical training application on which I began development a year ago.

I will conduct academic/industry and deploy practice research tools to engage with discourse on how virtual reality can be effective for clinical instruction.

Next Steps:

Review POD Development
Conduct Literature Sweep (2015 - 2020) XR (VR/AR/MR) Medical applications

Unity Animation and Cinematics: Experiments

I am working on th next phase of development for Lunarium. I want to set up Lunarium as a Rift VR experience and test this on my quest via link so that after christmas I can start to test for quest. 

To experiment with getting more narrative engagement and player interaction, I have decided to further develop the Top Tent animation scene. 

To do this, I will need to include multiple animated characters and will include a ringmaster, alienated death and flying bats and add further player interaction. 

The object of this scene is to watch a cut scene and then the player must solve a puzzle to get past the alienated death character and jump into the large hole beneath. 

I need to: 

1) Create a bat object with wing animation 
2) Set looped motion to move the bat around the toptent ceiling.
3) Create new RingMaster character with walk cycle, idle and turning options. 
4) Animate the Alienated Death Character so that when it breaths in (The body inhales) the air is forced out of one of the 3 tubes …