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GDC Environment Design as Spatial Cinematography by Miriam Bellard

Wayfinding in general and particularly in VR Environments is essential in designing effective game design that delivers a satisfying and interesting user experience (whether for entertainment, arts and heritage or instruction).

This GDC paper on Environment Design as Spatial Cinematography, delivered by Miriam Bellard who currently works at Rockstar will help to inform my own environment design. Miriam has designed environments for Grand Theft Auto, King Kong and has also worked on Indie Work.  The main focus is to create effective cinematic experiences by controlling the environment (because the player has control of the camera). I am interested in the ways we can do this so that I can create more effective experiences through my Environment Designs.

The paper spans the gap between film (animation) and games and so throughout the talk I was able to reference my own animation storyboarding and set design work. I was also able to refer to my ‘primal’ natural environment experiments in …

Proposal : Funding Bodies

Innovate U.K. 


Virtual Reality and it’s potential for Europe Report
[Accessed 01/11/19]

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Creative XR 

CreativeXR gives creative talent the opportunity to experiment with immersive technologies to create new experiences that inspire audiences.

Focused on thecreative industries, particularly the arts and culture sector, the programme gives the best creative teams the opportunity to develop concepts and prototypes of immersive content (virtual, augmented and mixed reality).

The programme offers access to early stage finance, facilities, industry leaders and commissioning bodies, and the opportunity to pitch for further development funding.