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Scrum Certification

I didn’t feel that I was following the scrum structure of Agile (and I think this is mainly because at the moment I play all parts from PO, to scrum master and production team), but I felt this was a good time to review the sprint and refresh my understanding of the Scrum process.

With this in mind, I decided to take the Scrum Certification course on linked in. This is something that many project management roles value.

Next steps:
Trello board review for final sprint and burn down Career review - 5 SMART goals.

Lines of Desire: Traversing natural, built & immersive VR environments.

Can VR ‘natural’ lines of desire and curiosity points be revealed by VR heat maps? Could these inform VR environment design?  Are there any ethical considerations? 
I am thinking about my environment design and I am reflecting on the video game research I have read that presents theory on wayfinding, proprioception, semiotics and cinematic environment design.  I am reflecting on how this is informing my level design so that it is more effective. 
I have been interested to learn how Disney approaches park layout design and how visitors find their way from one attraction to another and the use of ‘Weinies’, treats that lead the visitor from one spot to another as well as environmental signs that indicate the transition from one region to another.  
I am also thinking about how hikers wear away paths in the Pennines. The national trust lays paths to protect the landscape from ‘lines of desire’ by laying stone paths. Although a ‘natural’ landscape, is managed as is an urban planned envir…