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Coronavirus Update

To be totally honest this global crisis has affected me emotionally and mentally. There have been moments when I’ve felt overwhelmed as my daughter had to move out of her student digs overnight to a safer place and my son is stranded in Plymouth Uni as he is frightened he might be affected because he suffers with Asthma (he feels safer there).

However, I’ve sent them both a care package from their mum and a hand made card as well as cards to my family. I’ve sent educational books to my cousins little boys with boring times tables books but also a big book on how to Draw Disney characters.. including Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck! I included a handmade card with a dodgy looking bug on the front with a big bottom... and the title “Together we will kick this Bugs Butt!”

I have daily three o’clock chats with my neighbour over the fence while I have a cuppa and sit in the sunshine at my studio door. I’ve also moved table and chairs to the front garden where I can catch anyone walking their …


It’s has been a couple of weeks since the Corona Virus hit the UK and I feel fortunate to be pretty much in isolation anyway due to the work I am doing however my husband is a Geriatric and Diabetic Podiatrist which has meant that we have had to adjust quite a lot of things at home. I have two children in University both of which have decided to stay there due to my husbands work and because they are in at risk groups. This is a very worrying and uncertain time.

Last week was spent looking at the job market, speaking with careers experts and really considering how things might change in the immediate to long term future.

Working practices will undoubtably change to remote working with more emphasis on VR I suspect. This places the practice in a position where it could have real impact in industry, healthcare and education.

Also, location based immersive experiences will decline whereas collective online experienced may increase considerably. Facebooks development of social online VR s…