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Coronavirus: Videogames/immersive apps

Computer games: More than a lockdown distractionBy Chris BaraniukTechnology of Business reporter Available: Accessed 14.05.2020
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Key Points 
✔️  Steam recorded increase in gamers to between 40 - 60% per week in Coronavirus crisis.  ✔️  Social games allows gamers to congregate in vast virtual worlds  ✔️  Some games are using house party apps to voice connect online while playing.  ✔️  Games can be a source of escapism when feeling overwhelmed  ✔️  Games can serve as a comfort by playing familiar games.  ✔️  Players can make their own avatars and world space.  ✔️  A crisis alert would be valuable to players  ✔️  Future source was the analysis company referenced in the article. 


How easy would it be to add a social function to my games? I could offer the player the choice to create their own avatar or choose from a selection. I was already thinking about creating three …

Design, Develop and Deploy for VR Unity Training Course (Rift/Quest) Applied to Lunarium (Go)

User feedback suggest that I take a close look at the OVR Controller for Lunarium and try to develop either a teleportation system or an incremental turn controller, or something like a touch pad controller.

As, over the last few days I have tried to implement additional functionally and geometry I need to take another look at optimising for VR mobile. I think the answer lies in good scene management as I think that loading scenes incrementally will allow me to get more out of the device generally. I will then be able to add more bells and whistles :D

I thought I'd take week 10 of the second phase of development to step back and review the app so that I can

Assess the apps current build  Reflect on the development progress. Refresh my memory on the development process and check that i've covered everything. Take the new 'Design, Develop and Deploy for VR Unity Training Course' as this uses the up to date Unity software and latest VR functions. Plan for the next stage of…