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Unity 2019.4 LTS : packages (including links)

2D Animation: com.unity.2d.animation2019.4 verified 2D Common: com.unity.2d.common2019.4 verified 2D Path: com.unity.2d.path2019.4 verified 2D Pixel Perfect: com.unity.2d.pixel-perfect2019.4 verified 2D PSD Importer: com.unity.2d.psdimporter2019.4 verified 2D SpriteShape: com.unity.2d.spriteshape2019.4 verified Adaptive Performance: com.unity.adaptiveperformance2019.4 verified Adaptive Performance Samsung Android: com.unity.addressables2019.4 verified Advertisement: com.unity.ads2019.4 verified Alembic: com.unity.formats.alembic2019.4 verified Analytics Library: com.unity.analytics2019.4 verified Android Logcat: verified AR Foundation: com.unity.xr.arfoundation2019.4 verified AR Subsystems: com.unity.xr.arsubsystems

VR Narrative: Annecy 2020 VR Category

Running from 15th to 30th June, Annecy Animation festival will be coming to you. For only 15 Euros (£12.50) for the festival, it will be possible to catch the entire programme online.

Sign Up Drink BeerMake a paper aeroplane Enjoy!

I am particularly interested in the new VR Category. This was originally supported by Google Spotlight Stories but after their withdrawal, Unity stepped in.

The following list details the nominated VR Animations for 2020.

Annecy VR Works Competition 2020

Ajax All Powerful by Ethan Shaftel. USA,China

Battlescar - Punk was invented by Girls by Martin Allais and Nicolas Casavecchia. USA, France

Great Hoax: The Moon landing by John Hsu and Marco Lococo. Taiwan, Argentina

Minimum Mass by Raqi Syed and Areito Echevarria. France, New Zealand

Odyssey 1.4.9 by Francois Vautier. France

Saturnism by Mihai Grecu Barberousse Films. France, Romania

The Orchid and the Bee by Frances McKenzie. Canada

VR Narrative: GDC Papers

AI Narrative: Natural voice Using AI

AI Narrative : Virtual Being interaction as a narrative device.

I had a query about whether can help me to create a character that will, on interaction, decide the fate of a player. So, for example, on meeting the mystic character, depending on whether the player pleases or aggravates her, she will decide if they go to heaven or go to hell (return to the start of the world again). 
Guy Gadney kindly advised that it is possible to create a single 'scene' that directs to two sub-plots. A condition could be put on each subplot. So for example the heaven route would lead to the experience end while the other returns the player to the start (in a non-linear way). 
I’m not entirely sure how this will work in practice but I’m thinking that it may be possible that interaction with mystic can be positive or negative depending on her AI responses (input from her back story). So for example, if she doesn’t like swearing then if the player swears at her she could send you on the track to hell.. back to the start. Whereas if you were to fl…

Microsoft Training: June

I’ve signed up for these Microsoft training sessions that are running throughout June.