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Living Thesis VR : Unity Dev Environment & Project Management Set-Up

Helix VR Immersive Research 2007 - 2020 Sarra Hornby 
Unity 2019.4 LTS Oculus Quest (mobile) & Rift (PC) VR

Living Thesis VR : Immersive Experiments 2007 - 2020

I decided that POD development would work better as an indie project and could be tabbed on my indie blog.  I intend to talk about and show the development of on a single experimental project called HelixVR which embeds immersive experiments conducted in practice from 2007 to the present in a form it is most suited for (but previously had no experience producing). HelixVR represents a living thesis of my experimental XR Immersive practice which will be produced as is an immersive App intended for WebXR and PC/Mobile VR (Quest/Rift) publications. 

I am looking forward to experimenting with how I can represent my immersive experiments embedded in an immersive media, finding the boundaries of the engine, exploring human interaction and informed by 'nature' design and mechanics.